Exercise and Cancer.

Since the ABC Catalyst program aired the segment on “Exercise and Cancer” (10/05/16), I’ve had patients inquire about the benefits of exercise and what role Exercise Physiologists (EPs) play in their treatment.

We already know just how good exercise is for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reducing the risk of chronic diseases – but what does it specifically do for those being treated?

Exercise can improve or preserve muscle strength and power; immune function; body image and chemotherapy completion rates. Exercise can also reduce the severity of treatment side effects (pain, fatigue, nausea) and reduce the duration of hospitalisation.

An Exercise Physiologist can assist you with an individual program based on your current level of fitness and cancer treatment plan. They will also take into account the treatment-related risk factors, symptoms and of course, your interests.

For more information:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful team of GPs and Oncologists who continue to refer their patients to ABC Exercise Physiology. The biggest “Thank you” goes out to patients and their families who put their trust in me to guide them on their treatment/rehab journey.

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